Internet connectivity and penetration in the country is at an all-time high with the telephone sector recording explosive growth in the last 1-2 years. Although the overall network penetration and speed have gone up exponentially, the same can’t be said for the quality of service and speed/bandwidth of the connections. While the majority of the population relies on 4G/LTE wireless connectivity, the internet backbone of the country relies on Wireline connections.

Wireline connections, whether it maybe Broadband or Fibre optic are the most stable and fastest form of connecting to the internet available at the moment. A Wireline is a way to go if you want a high-speed high bandwidth stable internet connection. This is especially true for SMEs looking for a reliable and speedy connection. With the advent of many internet technologies like blockchain, IOT etc the importance of a quality net connection is crucial to the company’s growth and future. While using a run of the mill broadband or fibre connection will be enough for most small companies and entrepreneurs, those looking for that extra edge and quality in service will have to look at a leased line connection.

Tata Tele Business Services Internet Leased Line Connection for big as well as small enterprises

There are umpteen advantages to using a leased line connection akin to a normal connection with the biggest one being the dedicated (1:1) bandwidth that the connection provides. This means that SME subscribing for 10mbps Internet Leased Line will have complete 10mbps reserved in the ISP network and this 10mbps will not be shared among other users unlike Broadband services where same 10mbps would be shared among 16 users (standard contention in Broadband network is 1:16).

There are a lot of players in the market wrt to ISP’s but there are very few with the technical knowledge and the technology backup and reliability. One such ISP is Tata Tele Business Services ( TTBS ). They have been in the business for well over 2 decades. The technical know-how on how to deliver a robust connection with the technology backend to support the same like Tata Tele Business Services ( TTBS ) is unmatched. If you are still on the fence on whether to take a leased line for your business, let’s go over some of the key advantages of an Internet Leased Line:

  • Speed
  • Carrier-grade connectivity
  • Reach
  • End-to-end service level agreements
  • Web Tools

The speed is unmatched in terms of an internet leased line. The connectivity and reach are also far greater than any other type of connection. Then there is the added safety net of SLAs and the convenience of web tools to monitor and manage performance.

An internet leased line from Tata Tele Business Services is 100% the way to go if you are that upcoming startup CEO looking to scale up or that seasoned veteran CTO who is looking for an internet connection to match your ever growing company’s needs. Let’s go through what else an internet leased line has in terms of features.

  • Dedicated bandwidth
  • Symmetric bandwidth (Same upload & Download speeds)
  • 99.5% SLA
  • Latency commitment
  • Packet loss less than 1%
  • Unified threat management | Firewall | IPS | VPN
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Configuration management
  • Under Sea cable network redundancy
  • Extended Channel Partner Network

All of these are key aspects and features that are vital to anyone who is looking at that next level internet connectivity. The symmetric and dedicated bandwidth will ensure that your line is not choked when there is a spike in traffic in the server. The symmetric bandwidth also ensures that the data flow to and fro is uniform and you are not limited by painfully slow upload speeds which are typical of normal internet connections. A 99.5% SLA, less than 1% packet loss and latency commitment ensure that your connection quality is top notch each time, every time. This is something only a trusted player like Tata Tele Business Services can offer. The unified threat management and proactive monitoring ensure that your data is safe and secure. Configuration management is something that is very helpful when it comes to setting up and managing the connection in a small to large organization.

Tata Tele Business Services dedicated Internet Leased Line Connection

Leveraging the most robust International fiber network from Tata group, TTBS is able to offer undersea cable redundancies which mean business continuity for SME even if an undersea cable goes down. An extensive channel partner network ensures that you have easy and direct access to the services. With the extensive network in place, you get extensive and immediate support for your services. Also, unlike regular consumer wireline connections, TTBS offers customized leased line connections with a focus on SMEs. With standardization, you can rest assured that the QoS is stellar. There are also a lot of bundled product offerings to choose from so that its convenient for you to select a plan based on your needs.

Conveniences like these are something only companies like TTBS ( Tata Tele Business Services ) can offer. There are much more advantages to partner with a trusted player like TTBS when it comes to your Internet Leased Line needs. Their 20-years experience and expertise in the field are truly extraordinary. The quality of the connection, the stability, the service etc are guaranteed when you come on board with TTBS. Once you have decided to go the TTBS way for your internet leased line needs, it is very easy and hassle free to book a connection. You can visit their website or their social media handles on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get a leased line for your business. Get yours today and enjoy unmatched speeds, stability and security with Tata Tele Business Services ( TTBS ).

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