Getting those pesky or advertising messages from unknown numbers on your Whatsapp, Line or Viber? Time to blocks them out and help others to do so.

Truecaller app that identifies unknown numbers and blocks spam calls has added yet another useful feature to its app. The new update help users identify unknown numbers from the messages they receive on popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, Viber, and Telegram.

Truecaller now identifies unknown numbers on Whatsapp & other messaging apps

Once turned on in the Auto Search Truecaller settings on your android device, Truecaller will identify that unknown sender, who messages you on any messaging app like on WhatsApp or Viber. If needed, you can easily block them from further sending messages to you.

Truecaller app now also packs a dialer app in it, which allows you to directly make phone calls from within the app. Other major features include the ‘Smart Call History‘ which find and replace all unknown numbers in your call history with original name and photos if available. The smart Availability features help you to check which of your contacts are available to take a call.

The new feature is only available on the latest update of Truecaller app for Android, which you can download from Google Play store.

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