JetFlash 220 /200/620 a one stop solution for all your security issues

Transcend ( Transcend Information, Inc. ) now offers a complete JetFlash Security lineup, including the JetFlash 200, 220 and 620, all of which are engineered to protect users’ sensitive data from falling into wrong hands. Data protection and security play an important role in today’s competitive world since loss of data can easily cause huge loss to both the company and the employees.

A recent study has revealed that about 47% organizations these days are facing breach of sensitive information due to loss of USB drives. In recent years, the use of high-capacity compact storage devices has become commonplace, making data more portable than ever.  As a result, the number of stolen identities or trade secrets and other high-tech crimes has also steadily risen.

In order to satisfy the ever-growing demand for secure storage in today’s digital world, the new Transcend JetFlash 220 combines elegance and functionality with an attractive rotating cover that will never get lost. It features a unique sensor strip which allows users to access protected data by simply scanning their fingerprint. The JetFlash 220’s fingerprint scanning technology makes it easy to store personal files and sensitive office documents secured.

Transcend JetFlash 620/220/200 USB Flash Drives Offer Data Loss Prevention
Transcend JetFlash 620/220/200 USB Flash Drives

The JetFlash 200 is ideal for enterprise deployments. It secures data through strong 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption that meets FIPS standards, leaving no chance for hackers, nosy co-workers or thieves to peek inside or even steal files stored on the pen drive. For extra convenience and security, the JetFlash 200 comes bundled with the exclusive JetFlash SecureDrive software. This enables to safeguard any confidential data by creating a password-protected Private Zone, delivering ultimate USB protection that other flash drives can hardly compete with.

The JetFlash 620 also comes with Transcend’s exclusive JetFlash SecureDrive software, allowing users to protect their important data by creating a password-protected Private Zone. For extra convenience, the JetFlash 620 allows users to easily resize the Private Zone and frequently change their password. This security flash drive is ideal for common users who need a cost-effective storage solution.

So if you are looking for a USB flash drive with enhanced security and data loss prevention techniques then Transcend JetFlash is the right choice, do buy it and also comment your views on it.

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