Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released a consumers’ handbook on Telecommunications for consumers and the consumer organizations to make them aware of various regulatory measures taken by TRAI, so that consumers can effectively safeguard their rights and privileges. The Handbook is written in a simple consumer friendly language for easy understanding by all.

Protecting the interest of consumers of telecommunication services is one of the primary tasks of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). TRAI has, from time to time, issued several Regulations, Direction and Orders on consumer protection, complaint redressal system, quality of service, metering and billing accuracy, transparency in tariff offers, activation of value added services, mobile number portability and curbing of unsolicited commercial communications etc.” said Dr. J. S. SARMA, Chairman TRAI

TRAI releases Consumers’ Handbook on Telecommunications

The Handbook on Telecommunications contains the details, from consumer point of view, of all the Regulations, Orders and Directions issued by the Authority. Starting from enrolment as a consumer of telecommunication service, all that are relevant to the consumer like complaint redressal, tariff, quality of service, mobile number portability, value added services, unsolicited commercial communications, saving mobile numbers in the handset, dialling tips and consumer education have been dealt in separate chapters. You can read the complete handbook on telecommunication here –

This is a great public initiative from TRAI to educate the common man in the country about various regulations, rules and directions issued by authority.

What do you think about this initiative from TRAI?

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