Updated at February 24, 2018:

TRAI has further extended the deadline to port out of Reliance Communications (RCom), till 20th March 2018. The telecom regulator has directed the telecom operator RCom, Reliance Telecom Ltd, all service provers and MNP providers regarding the extension of the validity period of Unique Porting Codes till 20th March 2018.

So, you get until 20th March 2018 to MNP port out of RCom network and move on to any other telecom operator of your choice.

Our original story from Saturday, February 24, 2018, follows:

If you are a Reliance Communications (RCom) mobile subscriber, not able to make outgoing or incoming calls, send or receive SMS and not even able generate the unique porting code to move out of the network, then you are not alone.

According to various media reports, RCom has started shutting down its 2G service across India. That too without any prior notice to its subscribers. The telcos customer care office remained closed and calls to the customer care numbers remain unanswered.

Indian telecom watchdog, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is acting promptly on this wide-spread issue. The telecom regulator has now ordered RCom and its unit Reliance Telecom to issue and communicate unique porting code to its subscribers through SMS immediately. You can use this unique porting code to port out of RCom’s network to another telecom operator via MNP, without changing your mobile number.

TRAI asks RCom to immediately issue unique porting code for MNP to its Subscribers

TRAI has observed that RCom subscribers in Shillong and Kerala telecom circles are facing service blackout for the last couple of days. These customers were not able to port out to other telecom operators, as they were not able to generate the unique porting code.

TRAI has issued a notice directing RCom to –
  • Provide reasons for disruption of 2G service in various telecom circles.
  • Asked to ensure the quality of service of its entire network as prescribed by the LICENSOR and the authority from time to time.
  • RCom needs to immediately send unique porting code to its subscribers through SMS. The telco also needs to promptly respond to all the request for MNP by its subscribers.
  • The telco needs to provide details of MNP requests received in each telecom circles, details of unique porting codes generated on such requests and number of subscribers ported out in the last two weeks (starting 15th October 2017).

TRAI has asked RCom to fully comply with its order by 6th November 2017. The regulator has also directed them to give an explanation on the service disruption.

Generate UPC code while your current telecom network is Down

A quick tip if you want to generate unique porting code (UPC) even when your current telecom operator has shut down its service. In our case where RCom has unexpectedly stopped its service.

  • In your phone’s network setting, select Network Mode (or Network Operators). There, instead of automatic choosing the network, search manually for a telecom operator.
  • Choose any telecom operator other than your current telecom operator. (example – select the telecom operator you wish to MNP port in).
  • Once you are active on that network, generate your UPC code by sending SMS – PORT [your mobile number] to 1900.
  • You will instantly get a UPC code via SMS. You can use this UPC code to port out from your current telecom operator to a new telecom operator via MNP.
Generate UPC code while your current telecom network in Down
As per an advertisement from Airtel on MNP

Earlier we reported that RCom is planning to shut down its wireless business and focus only on its 4G services. However, till today there is no official word or statement from the operator in this regard.

A few days ago, the operator announced a comprehensive debt repayment plan. Where the telco will be raising up to 17,000 crore rupees through the sale of its assets. In addition, lenders would take over 51 percent stake in RCom by converting Rs 7,000 crore of debt into equity.

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