Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Directive to Improve Customer service

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued directives to service providers in India, in an effort to improve the customer services provided by them for the users in the country. According to the “Telecom Consumers Complaint Redressal Regulations 2012” issued by TRAI, every telecom operator to establish Complaint Centers for customers within next 45 days for redressal of complaints and  for addressing service requests of consumers. This new directive is applicable to basic telephone services, cellular mobile telephone service and Internet service providers.

This complaint center will have toll free customer care numbers  which can will be accessible to the consumers between 0800 hrs and 2400 hrs on all days of the week. Also they have to  ensure  that  the  Complaint  Center  is  also accessible  through  the  network  of  other  service  providers  by  earmarking  a specific number. TRAI has also issued certain guidelines for Interactive  Voice  Response System or  IVRS,   installed on the “Consumer Care Number. In addition to to this, telecom operators have to regulations, establish a ‘Web Based Complaint Monitoring System’ to enable the consumers to monitor the status of their complaints.

Indian telecom operators Customer Service

TRAI has also directed within forty-five days  from  the date  of  commencement of  these  regulations, telecom operators need to publicize the “Consumer Care Number” and the “General Information Number”, through, newspapers, websites, SMS, updation  of  SIMs  of  consumers  by  pre-configuration  or  over  the  air transfer, display in all Complaint Centres and sales outlets and the telephone bills issued by the service provider.

Earlier customers need to pay to call customer care for registering complaint’s and getting information about a specific service, but by this immediate TRAI directive within 45days telecom operators will have to provide toll free customer care numbers and also web based complaint monitoring system. This makes it clear that TRAI want calls to customer care units of any telecom service provider will be free. From now on when customer registers a complaint by calling the service providers Complaint  Center, its allots a unique number called the docket number. This number will be send through SMS, with details like date and time of registration of the complaint and  the time within which the complaint is likely to be resolved. Once the complaint get resolved the customer will be notified about it through SMS and told about the action taken to resolve it. Every service provider  shall  retain  in  the  system, the details of complaints against each docket number for a minimum period of three months.

This guidelines from TRAI seems to be more welcomed from the general public, as they now get better customer support from the service provider and they can always keep track of it. Overall it will allow customers to call there customer care for free, as most of the operators where charging for it.

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