Paying lots of money to your telecom operator and getting 2G speeds on your 3G or 4G connection. Time to test out the mobile internet speed and report it to the authorities.

Indian telecom watchdog, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has launched a mobile application – MySpeed App, to the general public to speed test mobile internet connection and send results to the authority.

The MySpeed app can capture and send mobile internet data speed including download speed and upload speed, network coverage, location data, device type and other vital network information to the authority. TRAI guarantees that the app won’t collect or send personal information related to the user using the app. All data are reported to the authority anonymously.

TRAI launches MySpeed app to test & track Mobile Internet Speed

The app offers a simple user interface to test the mobile internet speed with a click of a button. The App checks the data download speed, upload speed, network delay and packet loss during the test. After the speed test, one can send the data to TRAI for evaluation.

TRAI MySpeed app is available on Google Play store, Apple iTunes and Government’s mobile sewa app store.

With the launch, TRAI seems to be crowdsourcing its efforts to track telecom operators network data quality across India. As TRAI has strict guidelines for minimum internet speed, which only a few operators actually offers to its customers.

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