Currently there is a problem with our telecom operators, they don’t much care about customer complaints they just neglect us, even that’s the case with top authorities. Nowadays telecom operators charge to speak with customer care and most of the time they put us on hold costing us more while lodging a complaint. In a view to protect the interest of customers Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is laying down a revised frame-work for addressing the complaints of consumers by telecom operators for making the complaint redressal more effective.

TRAI to improve Consumer Complaint Mechanism with Voice Call, SMS, E-mail & Post

Some of the major highlights from the draft regulation are –

  • Provision for lodging appeal to the appellate authority at the consumer care number of the complaint center.
  • Apart from communicating the details of the action taken on the complaint to the consumer, the procedure for appealing to the appellate authority is also communicated to the consumer.
  • Upon disposal of the appeal by the appellate authority the details to be communicated to the appellant through SMS or email or post.
  • Accessibility of the complaint center of the telecom operator to its consumers in person as well as through voice call, SMS, E-mail and post.

Earlier TRAI issued new guidelines that needs telecom operators to take customer consent two times before activating any VAS on a connection. The new guidelines issued by TRAI provides strict rules on activating and for de-activation of the Value Added Services so as to protect the interest of consumers.

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