Are you wasting those valuable MB’s of data from your mobile data pack, just because it reached the validity date? Well, now you can have a mobile internet plan with validity up to a year.

The Indian telecom watchdog Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released an amendment to the Consumer Protection Regulations, which allow telecom operators to now offer mobile data packs and STVs with longer validity.

The new amendment from TRAI allows telecom operators to offer mobile subscribers mobile data packs or STVs with a validity of one year or 365 days. Earlier this mobile data packs were having a maximum permitted validity of 90 days. As India is a mobile-first community, new mobile internet users can now fully utilise the mobile data pack they have subscribed to, which now comes with a year validity.

TRAI just extended Mobile Data packs validity to 365 days

This new change will definitely useful to those who got fewer data usage and need more validity. So one can now top up for a mobile data pack of say 10GB with an extended validity of 365 days.Telecom operators will also get benefited as they can retain new mobile subscribers to mobile internet plans.

Do note that these new changes affect only the data packs recharges and not the validity of voice and SMS services.

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