According to a complaint raised by Loop Telecom Limited on 13th July 2012, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) today issued a directive to six telecom operators which include Aircel, Bharti Airtel Reliance Telecom limited & Reliance Communications limited, Idea Cellular, Vodafone India, Tata Teleservices limited to cancel 5923 mobile numbers of Loop Telecom which have been MNP ported out illegally to these telecom operators. This illegal port out has happened after the Hon’ble Supreme Courts cancelled Loop Telecom Limited’s license for 21 telecom circle on 2G verdict.

TRAI asks Telecom operators to Cancel Illegal MNP Ported Out Loop Telecom Mobile Numbers

According the Loop Telecom Limited complaint, there has been illegal port out of Loop Telecom’s premium/fancy mobile numbers in various telecom circles, including the telecom circle where Loop had not even launched its commercial service by using unauthorized UPC codes. A total of 5923 mobile numbers were ported out to other operators using this unauthorized UPC codes.Out of these 5580 mobile numbers are from the 3 non-commercially launched telecom circles and 343 mobile numbers are from 6 Loop Telecom service areas. All the above mobile numbers were never activated by Loop Telecom in the system for subscriber use and the UPC codes used for the port out were never generated by Loop Telecom.

According to MNP service providers, these ported mobile numbers were automatically cleared in the Mobile Clearing House as there was no response from Loop Telecom Limited within the stipulated time regarding clearance/objection in respect of porting requests of the mobile numbers.

Maximum number of illegal port outs (5527 mobile numbers ) was from Himachal Pradesh telecom circle, where Loop Limited never commercially launched its services. Followed of Punjab (234 – Commercially launched), Maharashtra (55 – Commercially launched), Uttar Pradesh West (25  – Commercially launched), Delhi (50 – Not Commercially launched), Madhya Pradesh (18  – Commercially launched), Bihar (9 – Commercially launched) and Andhra Pradesh(3- Not Commercially launched). Bharti Airtel ported in the most of the Loop mobile numbers – 5288 numbers followed by Idea Cellular (307), Tata TeleServices (230), Rcom GSM (40), Vodafone (26), Aircel (20) and Rcom CDMA (1).

TRAI have thus asked the recipient telecom operators to disconnect all the mobile numbers ported from Loop Telecom Limited within the next 48 hours and return the mobile numbers to the Number Range Holder.

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