Does the international SIM card you bought while travelling abroad actually worked? Were you able make calls through it? Well, it seems the Indian telecom watchdog Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has the same feeling. The regulator is now seeking clarification from international SIM card and global calling card companies to explain the reason of unsatisfactory service quality provided to consumers.

The regulator has earlier conducted an SMS-based survey among consumers who used a global calling card service. Among the responders, for nearly 30 percent of the users, the SIM card didn’t even work for once. For 20 percent of the users, the service worked partially or they were only able to make calls a few times.

TRAI goes against Global calling card providers on Poor service Quality

With more than 50 percent of the consumers complaining about the quality of international SIM card services, TRAI has reached out the providers for an explanation. The regulator had called a meeting with the international SIM card providers including Matrix, Uniconnect and Oneworld Teleservices. They were asked to explain the reason for the poor service, which has caused huge inconvenience to the customer when they are abroad.

We asked them what are the reasons, how can the situation be improved. What are the issues…is it to do with the SIM cards or connectivity problem at the level of the local country specific operator, or is it that people did not follow proper procedure for dialling,” said a TRAI official.

The regulator has asked these service providers to check their records, analyse the issue and revert with their responses over the issue in the next few days. Based on the response the regulator may tighten the service quality measures around international SIM card and global calling cards sold in India. This includes mandating a toll-free number and 24-hour call centre where users can call for help. The regulator also may recommend refund of money to consumers depending on the gravity of the situation.

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