With election heat on rise, the social networking giant want’s to be in the center part of all election discussions. After the introduction of Talks Live in India, Facebook India has launched the India Election Tracker (facebook India Election tracker). The page app allow visitors to track Facebook mentions of leading candidates and parties over time.

India Election Tracker will also host the Facebook Talks Live – live streaming section of leading 2014 Candidates including Arvind Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee, Akhilesh Yadav and Lalu Prasad Yadav. In-addition visitors can also take part in the ongoing poll about the issues that matter the most to them in the election.

Track the pulse of Election with Facebook's India Election Tracker

On of the highlighted feature of India Election Tracker is the live tracking of mentions or stats of people talking about leading candidates and parties over the election time. The tracked results up to 7 days are displayed in a graphical chart for quick understanding. Currently BJP tops the chart along with its leader Narendra Modi and closely followed by Rahul Gandhi.

Recently social media giant Facebook partnered with Indian media companies Newslaundry and NDTV to bring facebook Talks Live to India, where top national and regional leaders will host live sessions with a main focus on upcoming general election.

Facebook has also partnered with Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) to offer Know Your Neta’ USSD based service that provides voters with up-to-date candidates’ information to help them make a correct decision on who will rule the country.

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