The violent tropical cyclonic storm Phailin has started hitting the eastern coast (mainly Odisha and Andhra Pradesh) of India and Govt along with Indian Army are in the process of evacuating people in this area to safety. It’s expected to cause damage to living and state infrastructure, so Govt agencies are in high alert keeping watch on further development.

If you want to keep close watch of cyclon Phailin, then this online resources will provide you with realtime update.

Indian Meteorological Department on Cyclone Phailin

The Govt department provides the most accurate information on Cyclone Phailin with hourly emergency bulletin. It provides all technical information on the cyclone Phailin along with relatime satellite images. [source]

Google Crisis Map on Cyclone Phailin

Track Online the Tropical Cyclone Phailin and Get Helpful Information

Tech giant Google’s Crisis Response team has opened the Crisis Map for real-time tracking of cyclonic storm Phailin. This platform is designed to bring users relevant emergency alerts when and where they’re searching for them, through overlaying public alerts on Google Maps. It show the cyclones path on a Google Map along with additional helpful information like  nearby shelters and hospitals. In the webpage Google also provide latest emergency update on cyclone and phone numbers of all opened Emergency Operation Centres across the country. [source]

Google Person Finder on Cyclone Phailin

Google’s Crisis Response team has also opened Person Finder tool that helps in finding and collecting information on missing people during the cyclone. All data entered into Google Person Finder is available to the public, searchable and accessible by anyone. Individuals and organizations can help in the initiative by posting status and details of missing people in the disaster. Individuals can also search for the status of relatives or friends affected by a disaster. It’s not compiling official records of missing persons, but helping individuals, agencies and non-governmental agencies contribute to the database and receive updates. [source]

Twitter India Public List on Cyclone Phailin

Twitter India created a public list of users tweeting information about cyclone Phailin from Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. The list contains prominent personalities including journalists, Govt & Private agencies and Individual citizens. Users can track and tweet updates through the hashtag #CyclonePhailin. [source]

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