Are you looking for a way to know the network coverage, level of call drops, data speed and call quality provided by your telecom operator? the Indian telecom watchdog Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) just got the answer for you.

In its new initiative to make the telecom sector more transparent, the telecom regulator TRAI has launched a new portal called TRAI Analytics Portal [link]. The portal allows users to check the results of independent drive tests done by TRAI, call drop rates, mobile internet speed and quality of service of both government and private telecom operators across India.

Now track Call Drops, Data Speed, QoS in any Location via TRAI Analytics Porta

TRAI regularly (monthly or even weekly) conducts drive test in different telecom circles across India. This is done to check the quality of service provided by the telecom operators in that telecom circle and to make sure they are within benchmarks laid down by the authority. During drive test, the regulator checks the telecom operators network coverage, call quality, call drop rate, call success rate, blocked calls and carrier to interference ratio.

Through TRAI Drive Test portal you can explore all those results of independent drive tests done by TRAI. The portal even provides data visualisation of the various parameters and areas of the drive test report.

Next part is the TRAI Quality of Service (QoS) Analysis portal, where you can visualise and explore the results of call drop rate and network quality of various telecom operators in any specific location in India. You can explore the performance metrics of telecom operators from service area to district to the city and finally to the BTS level.

You just need to type in your pin code or the city name to check the quality of service provided by any telecom operators in your area. The data visualisation map clearly shows the call drop rate of any individual operator along with information on network utilisation trends, BTS density, and call drop trends.

For example, if you are mobile subscriber living in Whitefield, Bangalore then you can easily find information on the towers of individual telecom operator, and see the level of call drops for each tower.

TRAI Analytics Portal features

  • Explore and compare results of call drop rate of various Telecom operators.
  • Explore results of independent drive tests done by TRAI.
  • Mobile internet speed of telecom operators across India.
  • Know the quality of service performance of telecom operators for any specific location in India.
  • Check level of call drops in an area.
  • Network coverage of any telecom operator across India.
  • View performance metrics from service area to district to the city and finally to the BTS level.

Finally, TRAI is utilising the data shared by the users using the TRAI MySpeed App, to measure the mobile data experience for mobile subscribers across India. Through TRAI MySpeed Portal you can explore the mobile internet speed across different telecom operators pinpointed to your exact location or area. This will help you to find the telecom operator offering speediest mobile internet connection in your area.

You can also take part in the initiative by downloading the TRAI MySpeed App available on Google Play store, Apple iTunes, and Government’s mobile sewa app store.

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