Mobile phones are among popular youngsters, gamers, social network fans, and even businessmen. With hundreds of phones and new features being released every month, it is quite funny to notice that there are mobile phones with queer brand names, or even features and objectives. Well, if all these strangest cell phones are to be listed, it would not suffice a single webpage. For the purpose of critical review of the top ten strangest cell phones ever made, take a look.

Mosquito Repellant Pantech Mobile Phone

Mosquito Repellant Pantech Mobile Phone
Mosquito Repellant Pantech Mobile Phone

Pantech Mobile Phone’s main purpose is to repel mosquitoes with the aid of the ultrasonic sounds that are produced by the slider’s area of the phone. Means, you can easily speak to someone over the phone without getting bitten by mosquitoes, thanks to Pantech Mosquito Repellant Mobile Phone. However, the combined features of the phone, that include the 2.0 Megapixel camera, speaker, and many more, are all put to nothing because no one can stand the noise produced by the phone to repel mosquitoes.

BenQ Seimens Mobile Phones

With the BenQ Seimens, you will get confused if you are using a phone or a calculator. With the aim to make phones that are slimmer and slicker, BenQ created a phone with screen monitor that pops out through the head. You would think of bringing a calculator only, not a phone.

Origami Cell phones

Origami Paper Cellphone
Origami Paper Cellphone

If you think the age of swivels and twists is already a passé, with Origami phone; you can get a camcorder type of phone with lots of twists and turns. Experts won’t recommend the phone due to the damage-risk of cell phone components due to the swivels points.

Three-Screen KDDI

One screen may not be enough with KDDI three-screen mobile phone. The phone is designed with three touch-screens that can be used by anyone. However, it is a big hassle to use three screens instead of one.

Intruder Phone

Intruder mobile phone
Intruder mobile phone

Talking about size, Intruder tops it all with only the fourth of a diameter when it is closed. With swivel-abled keypad, you only need to turn the base and get an expanded phone. You will just notice light signals during calls

Cigarette Phone

Are you a cigarette lover? Well, to help you store cigarettes at the back of the phone, this cell phone has a cigarette-case at its rear part for you best satisfaction even if you are away. You may also get other smoke materials with the phone.

Keyless Phone

Onyx Keyless Phone
Onyx Keyless Phone

With the aim to get the best phone with lesser hassle, Onyx keyless phone is equipped with sensors that will detect the cheek of the person. The phone will answer all incoming calls without any keypad actions in the touch screen of the phone.

Matchbox Phone

As people love to place phones in their pockets, with the matchbox phone, you can easily get a phone that is small and can be placed in your pocket. You don’t need to worry about the size because the phone features small keyboards and smaller screen.

Ghetto Speaker Phone

Do you want to get the best of music and blasting sounds? With the Ghetto speaker phone, you are opened with bigger speakers at the rear part of the phone. You can easily get higher and louder sounds that you will surely enjoy.

Mobile Phone Jam

Do you want to jam at blasting sounds? With this phone, you can get a phone that is almost speaker. You will have a chance to listen to music at great sounds but you don’t have the chance to handle natural keypads.

With more and more phones released in the market, there are famous and stand-out phones that really captivate media attention due to their uniqueness and rarity that is very different from the mobile phones that are used by most people.

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