Social media is a world of accessing information very fast throughout the world. This is why people say that the world is a global village. Businesses now than ever before have capacity to share news on the newest products in the market.

Information accessibility

This accessibility of information and data in the social media makes it one of the most important benefits accruing from technology today. Before the advent of social media, businesses were limited in their choice of connections to the nearby society only. The furthest a business organization would go is sharing business ideas with other businesses within the country and that would only happen when there is a business seminar or workshop. This happened only once in a long period of time.  Nowadays, it is completely different. Communication is instant. You receive the responses on the spot.

The Role Of Social Media In Business

Other advantages

Some of you are now wondering how the social media can affect your business. Maybe currently you are not doing any business with people from outside you region. But take a moment and think. You are interacting with very many friends on Facebook, twitter, linked and other social platforms. They influence the way you think and make decisions. Social media gives you the opportunity to meet people online that you will never ever have an opportunity to meet. With this people you can form friendship which can be beneficial to your business organization.

When you meet new people on the face-to-face basis, you normally share experiences and exchange business ideas. The same can happen when you meet with you connections on the social platforms. This expands your advertising opportunities worldwide. Your connections can refer their friends to the kind of services or goods that you offer to the world. This will result to an influx of new customers.


It has been provided that most consumers are more likely than not to use social media to seek advice on particular type of goods. This shows that if your business has a web presence, you are likely to be a head of your competitors. The consumers are more likely to be influenced by their friend s on Facebook in decision making than asking your friends in the neighborhoods who are not on the social netting working sites. It is very efficient in terms of time saving. You can face book while doing some of your household chores.

As a business person take into account the following ideas. They might help you in creating better connections for your business. Always let your connection emotional. Present a solution to your contacts. Be of great value to the only online society. Provide up-to-date information to your contacts online.  Also be a good listener and where you don’t understand, ask questions.  If you adhere to the above guidelines you will succeed.

This post is written by John Lewis and he works at PriceCollate as a writer. 

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