It’s been a long time coming for those who’ve been impatiently waiting for Apple to announce an update to its popular iPad. After months of rumors, leaked product information, anonymous tips, and even more rumors, the new iPad was finally announced. While nothing is ever certain until it’s officially announced from Apple, many speculations about the new iPad were correct. Here’s a quick summary of the new features for the highly anticipated device that is simply referred to as “the new iPad.”

The New iPad – A Sight to See and Touch

iPad with a Retina Display

A higher resolution display was a safe bet for the third iPad. The iPad now has a Retina display with 2098 by 1536 pixels. This display packs a million more pixels into the screen than is normally found on an HD TV. The display will give apps, gaming, and images a crisper, richer look, and is perfect for iTunes new 1080p content.

All of the stock iPad apps have been updated and optimized to run on the brilliant display. App developers are encouraged to update their apps to take advantage of the phenomenal new display. A brief presentation of a new game was said to have “console-quality” graphics.

New processor – A5X chip

In order to power the new display, the iPad needs powerful processing. We didn’t get an A6 chip, but we did get a modified, faster version of the A5 chip called the A5X. This chip has a quad-core, which provides for excellent graphical power, basically enabling everything that is awesome about the new iPad.

4G LTE data speeds

For on-the-go users who need internet access on their iPad when WiFi isn’t available, the iPad will now have 4G LTE data speeds. The iPad is the first Apple device to include 4G technology.

Currently, the iPad 2 can access data at 21 megabits per second and LTE more than triples that with data speeds up to 73 megabits per second. From simple browsing to downloading email and images to streaming videos, the iPad is faster in every sense of the word. 4G data speeds will be available from both AT&T and Verizon in the US.

Improved camera and battery

The camera on the new iPad was also updated. The same camera from the iPhone 4S is now built into the iPad, so users can now take high quality pictures and record in 1080p–making perfect use of the Retina display. The battery lasts a long 10 hours during normal use, and an insanely impressive 9 hours on 4G speeds. One of the more universal complaints of 4G devices is their terrible battery life. Apple seems to have solved this problem with the iPad’s battery.

The iPad will maintain the same pricing structure as the iPad 2 and will launch around the world on March 23, 2012. The 16 GB, WiFi iPad 2 will now be sold for $399.

About the author: August Drilling works for CliqStudios.

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