Getting hard times in organizing all sorts of emails ranging from personal, official, promotional, ads and even spam emails. Google has come up with a new innovative email system – ‘Inbox By Gmail‘. Yup its made by the same team that built the game changing Gmail service, but Inbox system entirely serve a different purpose.

Inbox try to intelligently sort your emails to what’s worth of looking at, in a well-organized and grouped section displaying them in Google Now style cards.

The Google Now for email - Inbox by Google

Taken from the Gmail grouping idea, Inbox comes with Bundles, that organize similar type of mails all at once. For example your purchases from Flipkart or Amazon are grouped together so that you can quickly find and review them when needed. If Inbox miss out anything, you can even teach Inbox to adapt to the way you work by choosing which emails you’d like to see grouped together. Another feature is the Highlights that displays the key information from an emails, such as your recent purchase order tracking, Flight tickets status, event information etc.

Inbox also comes with Reminders, Assists and Snooze that work together offering a powerful productive tool. One can easily add reminders of important thing to do on Inbox and when its combined with Assists, which analyzes your reminder and provides useful information from web. For example, if you write a reminder to call a restaurant tomorrow, the assist will come up with the phone number and other details of the restaurant.

Inbox by Google works automatically with your Gmail account and has a web version at and mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. But currently the service is not open to all and user may require an invitation to try Inbox. You can get the invite from your friends who have already access to Inbox or request on by sending an email to [email protected].

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