Whether you are creating your first website and learning new shortcuts and tricks when using HTML (HTML5) or if you are upgrading your current website and you want to know more about the available “cheat sheets” there are for HTML5, you can find them online for free.

Some of the new cheat sheet tags that are available that have been added with HTML5 include “article,” “audio,” “header,” “footer,” “source,” and “video.”  All of these tags allow you to implement coding and content along with actual media files to publish quicker and without extensive amounts of hard coding involved.  Adding dates and times to posts with HTML5 is as simple as using the “time” code.  Additionally, if you want to include navigation links on your website, using “nav” is a simple solution depending on the CSS and design you have coded for the tags when used.

The Benefits of HTML5 Cheat Sheets

Codes using HTML that are no longer valid when using HTML5 yourself include “center” for alignment and “font” for naming a font size, face and width.  Additionally, “u” (for underlining text), “frame,” “big,” “xmp,” “applet,” “bgsound,” and “strike” are all unsupported when using HTML5 and will more than likely not work, especially when testing with multiple browsers.

Existing tags that work for both HTML4 and HTML5 are also available using cheat sheets so you can easily understand what to keep and what to change in your website’s coding for HTML5 standards. Popular tags including “img,” “iframe,” “!doctype,” “head,” and “style” are all still available and compatible with both HTML types.  Additional tags that you can use with both include “input,” “option,” “textarea,” “form,” and all H1 to H6 tags, still making it possible to customize your website to your liking using HTML4 and 5 tags. (click the below image to enlarge it)

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet Benefits

If you want to view the HTML5 Cheat Sheets yourself, you can find them with InMotion Hosting here.

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