It’s a given fact that Samsung is the hottest mobile manufacturer in the world (Okay, some guys in California might disagree with that, but we’ll ignore that for now). Samsung has consistently come up with a new flagship phone for the last many years- starting with the S1. The Korean Conglomerate recently launched the Galaxy S5 – a new standard in mobile technology.

We were of course very excited to see the new phone. And as luck would have it, we actually got our hands on this device. What do we think? Is the phone really that awesome? Read on to find out!

Is the phone’s design a revolutionary change from its predecessor? Not really, it feels like a premium Samsung device. There’s definitely more plastic on the phone’s body than other models and the back has a texture of little dimples to give it a bit of extra grip, and a different look from the previous Galaxy S phones. Samsung calls it “modern and refreshing“, and it comes in four shades – blue, gold, white and black.

The all new Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Messiah Cometh

Technical Specifications

The Galaxy S5 uses a Snapdragon 801 processor with 2GB of RAM. The Snapdragon 801 CPU is clocked at 2.45GHz, up from 2.26GHz and the speed of the LPDDR3 RAM has been increased from 800MHz to 933MHz. The GPU is based on the same Adreno 330 core, but its speed goes from 450MHz in the Snapdragon 800 to 578 MHz in the Galaxy S5’s Snapdragon 801. It’s a largely piecemeal upgrade because Qualcomm’s ‘true next gen’ CPU the Snapdragon 805 won’t be available until later in the year. However, as the Galaxy S4 uses the older, slower Snapadragon 600 CPU, it is a significant upgrade within the walls of the Samsung Galaxy series.

Fingerprint Sensor – A First for Samsung

One of the most talked-about features of this pedal has been the fingerprint sensor. Biometrics is a big thing and Samsung is yet again leading the way. Samsung’s fingerprint scanner is great in that it can be used to make mobile payments (PayPal) from the get-go apart from the conventional way to unlock your mobile phone.

Why is This Mobile Going to be a Hit?

Simply put, it’s everything a mobile needs to be to be a great hit. Starting off with the hardware, we feel that Samsung has done a phenomenal job here. What’s on the inside isn’t revolutionary, but it’s fantastic. It’s like the next generation of mobile phones. The fingerprint sensor is something we’ve been waiting for! Also, based on what we’ve heard from Samsung, the camera too has been upgraded several notches and we can’t wait to try it out in real-world battle conditions. A hugely critical thing Samsung has done is make the S5 a water and dust-proof phone. In the Indian market, that’s a win, no two ways about it.

Also, going by past performance and Samsung’s track record, we have high expectations from the phone and we expect it to take the market by storm.

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