Social media network is dynamic and is packed with terms that are alien to those who are foreign towards it. Don’t get scared, here is a quick guide that will educate you about the terms that you may encounter. Here goes the list from letter A and ends at Z.

Application programming interface (API): This interface allows one software application to interact with another software application.

Atom: The blogging community uses web feeds to share recent entries like headlines, documents or multimedia files, and these web feeds allow websites to incorporate the blog’s headline or sub headline.

Avatar: It is either an image or a username to represent a person in a forum or social community.

Blog: Blog is a web page that is maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions and events.

Blogger: It is a platform owned by Google that allows individuals to host and publish a blog without charging anything.

Blog talk radio: Free online web application that allows users to host online radio shows.

Chat: It is a text based communication over the web. It is one to one communication, also called as instant messaging.

Comment: It is a two-way form of communication on the internet. It is either an answer to blog post or a simple message on a social network.

Digg: It is a social news website that allows a user to submit and vote the articles. The most voted article appears on the main screen and is viewed by a large number of subscribers.

The A to Z of Social Media Marketing

Facebook: The most popular social networking website hitting the world audience, and growing by leaps and bounds. It offers to be in touch with friends, family members and relatives.

Flicker: It is an online application that allows a user to share the images and even edit them.

Google buzz: It is a messaging tool integrated with Gmail. Users can easily share photos, status, messaging or comment.

Google documents: It is an online office application that allows users to see documents, presentation and spreadsheets.

Instant messaging: It is a text based communication with more than one person. It is an advanced messaging tool that enables to keep in touch with closed ones.

LinkedIn: It is a business-oriented social website with more than 70 million people registered users from all over the world.

Myspace: Another social networking website that allows a user to share documents, photos and messaging.

Orkut: A social networking site owned by Google and named after its designer.

RSS: Really Simple Syndication allows the users to publish recent entries in the blogs. It includes summarized data along with date and authorship.

Scribd: Scribd application helps in converting formats like PDF, word document or power point presentation into a simple web document.

Skype: Another online medium of communication with audio and video options. It allows a user to communicate using voice or video.

Twitter: A social networking site which allows a user to follow their favorite ones. And, share 140 characters long message publicly.

YouTube: A website that shares videos online and can be viewed online.

Zooomr: It is similar to flicker, an online picture sharing service.

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