As we are commencing to the fifth stage of  Lok Sabha election 2014, the election heat over the head. For young Indians social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are the major grounds to get insights of their leaders and following political parties. To correlate this immense data from Social Media, India’s leading IT firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has joined hands with Twitter India to launch the ’TCS iElect’ mobile app. An app that generates meaningful social insights about India’s General Elections in 2014.

TCS iElect app allow users to access social insights and trends on the ongoing Indian Elections on a real-time basis. The app analyse 3 million tweets related to Indian election (and more as tweet appears) and offers a unique sentiment analysis and data visualization on them.

TCS partners Twitter India for iElect App - real-time social insights of Indian Election 2014

The app harnesses the power of social media, big data, analytics and mobility to make sense of what seems to be a complex web of conversations. Like the app analyses people’s sentiment to all top politicians, parties and issues, it analyses poll issues people associate with politicians, understands where parties and candidates are making an impact, captures association of top politicians with other celebrities, highlights viral tweets that are making noise and finally captures what people are talking about and what they are not talking about.

Highlighted features include –

  • Real-time analysis of millions of Tweets- currently 3.5 million tweets analysed
  • Popularity of political leaders across major cities
  • Tracking digital activity on leading politicians
  • Sentiment analysis of Key Politicians and Parties
  • Association of key politicians, parties with key issues and other celebrities in people’s minds
  • Trending topics and conversations
  • Twitter tag cloud
  • Share of Voice of leading politicians

Currently the TCS iElect app is only available to Android devices and can be download from Google Play store.

Earlier Indian telecom provider MTS India has partnered with Social Samosa, a social media analytic portal to launch the MTS Election Tracker – a real-time interactive dashboard that showcases analysis of all conversation shappening on the social media mainly Twitter and Facebook, about political parties and politicians.

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