Lets see what the customers speak about Docomo at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu telecom circle.

Lets go to the first review its by Mr.Sajin Sam Mathews doing his B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering @ Karunya University , Coimbatore

Me :- Mr.Sajin. Can you give me a review about Tata Docomo Services @ Tamilnadu ?
Sajin :- Very Good.. less than 1p/s(i.e is 0.0066p/s) is a very good offer…plus it has 200 local and STD sms free per day..less cost.more use.. best suitable for Average users
Me:- Do you have anything to say about Tata Docomo regarding GPRS ?
Sajin:- No idea
Me:- Thank you for sharing your experience with Docomo

Seems like Sajin is not a GPRS user , He just pass the question to his friend Nithin Balakrishnan, Let us know about Nithin , He is also a student from Karunya University,Coimbatore doing his graduation in engineering.

Me:-  What do you wish to speak about Docomo GPRS ?
Nithin:- Docomo have a recharge pack of Rs. 48 for gprs, you will be  getting a  2 GB free download …its a cool pack.. speed is also awesome..
Me:- Could you please check your GPRS Speed with Docomo by visiting www.mobilespeedtest.com ?
Nithin:- Ya sure, It shows me a speed of 96.154 kbps with a latency is 1.681.
Me :- Good . Thank you for sharing your views regarding Docomo GPRS .

Seems like Mr.Sajin and Mr.Nithin is satisfied with Tata Docomo Services @ Tamilnadu . Will be having more reviews with Tata Docomo . So Stay Tuned.

Question : – Does Docomo misses Tamilnadu for its 3G services ?

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