It seems India’s young telecom operator Tata Docomo is facing a massive network outage in Karnataka (Bangalore), Gujarat and Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Telecom circle. The network issue which started today (20-06-2013) around evening 3PM-4PM effected every outgoing and incoming voice calls, SMS and mobile internet data services.

Tata Docomo subscribers are under complete blackout, as many users reported through Docomo online customer supports including Twitter and  Facebook. According to Tata Docomo the service was effected due to a technical error, where a temporary fluctuation in network caused this service outage.

Tata Docomo faces Network Outage in Bangalore

Update (21/06/2013 -3.40PM) – Seems after almost 12 hours of downtime Tata Docomo network is back online in Chennai (Tamilnadu) and Gujarat telecom circle. Customers are reporting strong signal strength and now they have both outgoing and incoming voice calls, SMS and active data service. Earlier Network was up and running in Karnataka telecom circle.

For those who are still facing issue, please try to manually connect to the Tata Docomo network on your mobile (probably after a reboot). If still problem persist try to contact Tata Docomo guys over phone.

Update (21/06/2013 -12.40PM) – Tata Docomo network still down in most part of Chennai (Tamilnadu) and Gujarat telecom circle.

Update (20/06/2013 -11.55PM)Network seems to be coming back online in Karnataka (Bangalore) telecom circle. Signal strength increasing, can now make Voice calls, SMS and use data service. Service probably restored in most of the parts in Chennai and Gujarat.

Update (20/06/2013 -10:30PM) – It’s been now 6 hours from the first network outage report, still now Tata Docomo hasn’t restored its service. Interestingly in the same day around the same time (20-06-2012 at 6PM) previous year Tata Docomo network experience massive down time pan-india , but it was resolved pretty quick within 2-3 hours. Seems to be some sort of connected.

Update (20/06/2013 -09:35PM) – Bad time, Tata Docomo just tweeted a TVC ads, instead of helping subscribers. (it may be a pre-scheduled tweet)

Update (20/06/2013 -09:20PM) – Seems Tata Photon Mobile internet service subscribers are also effected by this down time. So far Network outage reported in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. TataDocomo has acknowledge the issue and working on it to restore.

Update (20/06/2013 -08:15PM) – As one of our visitors reported Tata Docomo network is down in Gujarat telecom circle.

We will updating this post, as we get more details from Docomo. Stay tuned.

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