Tata Docomo Network Outage Across India

A bad day for Tata Docomo the emerging telecom provider in India, as its faces massive network outage across many part of India yesterday (20 June 2012) at around 6 pm. According to our sources the network outage lasted for more than 10 hours effecting voice, SMS and Internet facilities. Tata photon users where also got effected by this network issue.

Tata Docomo subscribers where under complete blackout, as many users reported that Docomo customer support (through Twitter, Facebook, online chat support and call center) where not available to help.

Tata Docomo customer support says the “Network outage was due to some technical issues and now it is perfectly resolved”.

Tata Docomo Network Outage Across India - Chat Support

The network issue seems to resolved now and Tata Docomo services are back online. According to unofficial source the network outage was caused due to cable break, but we are not sure about this. The network outage effected Tata Docomo subscribers from Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Mumbai, Maharashtra and Goa.

Are you still effected from network outage? let us know.

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