Every time you get an e-mail or chat from a friend or person who speaks a different language, you copy-paste text between Google Translate and other apps. Is that a bit time consuming and tedious work?

Google has rolled out a new update to the Google Translate App for Android that brings Tap to Translate. As the name suggest Tap to Translate offers users an instant and hassle-free way to translate texts to any language from whichever app they are using.

Tap to Translate any Language from whichever app with Google Translate App

Each time the user copy a text from email, chat, comment etc, that need translation a floating translation button appears on top of the app (just like the Facebook Messenger Chathead). Tapping on the translation button brings a pop-over window with the copied text and a translation of the text in users default language (English or one stupid under languages).

Google Translate app will automatically detect the language to be translated and offers the translation to users default language setting. One can also reply to a message in another language using the new translation window.

Google Tap to Translate works with all 103 languages which also include Indian local languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu and more. Users can also download the desired language pack on their mobile for using the Google Translate app in offline mode.

Currently, Tap to Translate on Google Translate App will only work with Android devices running Jellybean (4.2) and above. The update being rolled out slowly, so regularly check Google Play store.

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