The wait for Super Mario Run is finally over for android users. Nintendo made the android version of the popular game live on Google play store on March 22, 2017. Now that he is here, head over to play store to get a taste of the new Mario game. The game is free to install, and you can play the first world for free. However, to unlock the rest you need to make an in-game purchase of Rs. 800. This one-time purchase unlocks the entire game and gives you bonus coins, tickets to play Toad Rally and blocks to build your kingdom.

Super Mario games have been entertaining gamers of all age groups for decades, starting with NES console. Gamers nowadays are just finding it easier to finish most Super Mario games under record time. Every glitch and in-game loops were used to achieve a better time in these titles. The recent reboots of these games are giving the gamers more sleepless nights.


It sure gives nostalgic look and feel of a true Mario game with fantastic visual and sound effects. The gameplay is smooth, and we already know this is an endless runner, side-scrolling game. But when comparing with older versions the gamer can’t control the forward and backwards motion. We can tap and long tap to make the character jump, and perform acrobatic skills. However you can jump and flip back to get collectables. Also in this game, every enemy isn’t a threat. The playable character just stomps some enemies and vaults over certain obstacles by itself. The game is designed for one handed play but will surely tire you in the process of getting achievements.

Super Mario Run Is Now Available On Google Play Store, Hoo hoo! Let's-a go!

The game has 24 levels in total, split into 6 worlds. Each level has specific challenges, boss battles at the end with Bowser.  The 5 point challenge for collecting pink coins make replays of each level interesting.

Another game mode is the Toad Rally. Here the player needs to beat the opponents by racing against other players. The more stylish the gameplay is, the more points you get and the more toads you win. These toads will join your kingdom, helping you to build things in Kingdom Builder Mode. The key is you need to play more, to build more, to unlock more characters. We also noticed is that the game needs to be connected to the internet to play, and Nintendo says this is mainly for piracy concerns.

Now is it really worth the penny spent, as there are other side scrolling games which offer more with less pricing? We also think that Nintendo could have added a level creation mod to the game. So what is your opinion on the game? Download, play and let us know. Peace!

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