Success in Blogging - It is Not Always about SEO

It is true that incorporating excellent SEO, exceptional online reputation management, and slick social media marketing are the best ways to boost your blog’s ranking and popularity. These strategies can help you achieve a secure spot on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, get solid loyal customers on the Web, and maintain an unimaginable ROI.

Yet, it is still bewildering why some bloggers fail to reach success despite having these three powerful techniques in their internal online strategies. I have seen bloggers equipped with state-of-the art SEO plugins and yet struggled to dominate a single keyword and a niche. There are also those who have been collaborating with top SEO firms and Web developer for years but still failed to make it to the top. And some, despite excellent social media marketing, had to shut down their business blogs because they were not getting any decent return on investment from it.

Perhaps it is the mindset

I then realized that maybe it is about their mindset why they failed to come up with a successful blogging venture in spite of their excellent online techniques. It sounds odd and weird, but I believe that this craft has to come with a certain mindset.

One thing I’ve noticed is that most bloggers aren’t really as passionate as Darren Rowse and Matt Cutts who spend their days on helping people online through blogging. I am not trying to say that every blogger should copy their styles and posts, but these two popular bloggers have shown unwavering dedication to their crafts. These two have been helping fellow bloggers on the Web for years and I’ve never seen these guys become tired of it. Their blogs have become a living inspiration to hundreds of business aspirants, SEO practitioners and business blogging hopefuls.

Sadly, many bloggers today are just trend followers, or those who just ride the blogging bandwagon because it’s popular and hip. They just copy other people’s blogs and follow the flow of trend instead of following what they really want. When SEO blogs became popular, a hundred other blogs follow as well, but only few of them remained still and soaring.

Mindset is the blogger’s state of mind, goal, and reason why he is blogging. There is nothing wrong with dreaming of overflowing ROIs and income, but to put your focus in it is somewhat odd. Income and money should come secondary, because if your blog solely for it, you might end up being subservient to the idea of blogging as moneymaking venture instead of a pleasurable hobby that can provide you a decent amount money.

A blogger should put his heart on his blog. It’s the only key. He can buy and get all the latest SEO plugins ad classiest SEO-friendly website templates, promote his URL to 2000+ followers on his social media sites, and pay good writers to create a good online reputation for his name and his blog, but if his blog has no traces of his heart and passion in it, it’s useless.

Its a guest post from WarnerCarter.

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