TRAI has given cellphone users in the country freedom from the deluge of pesky calls and SMSes and for this purpose they have also imposed a 100 SMS per day limit on individual customers. However many customers are still getting those unsolicited SMSes or calls, here’s how to set your choice in the National Customer Preference Registry.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

* To get started, subscribers need to register themselves with the National Customer Preference Registry, earlier known as ” National Do Not Call Registry”

1. As a telecom customer, you have the option to either block all commercial calls and SMS or to block only commercial calls while receiving SMSs of your choice. For this purpose, you have to register your preference.
2. You can register your preferences for receiving commercial communications by:
A. Dialing toll free number 1909; or
B. Sending SMS to 1909

* You can register for the Fully Blocked category in which NO COMMERCIAL CALL OR SMS will be allowed or for the Partially Blocked category. If you opt for the Partially Blocked category, you WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY COMMERCIAL CALL BUT WILL RECEIVE SMS ON SUBJECT(S) THAT YOU OPT FOR.
How to register Download PDF help

Log on to and choose Telecom Customer category for more details.
* In case, you continue to receive spam, you can alert your telecom service provider. According to the new regulations, telemarketers targetting users who have opted for DND will face penalty starting from Rs 25,000 for the first offense and rising up to Rs 2,50,000 for the sixth offense. After that the telemarketer will be blacklisted from receiving telecom services for two years.

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