Got around 100 subscribers on your Youtube channel? then you can start live streaming events from your channel. Like the famous live Google I/O events or the recent International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA2013) that got live streamed on Youtube in real-time.

According to Youtube partners blog, all Youtube channels in good standing with at least a hundred subscribers will be able start their own live stream and in addition they will also benefited by custom thumbnails, external annotations and series playlists.

Start Live Streaming on Youtube and other benefits if you got 100+ subscribers

Earlier Youtube channel owner must have more than thousand subscribers and in good standing for getting the live streaming support enabled. With the recent changes Youtube channel owners with around hundred subscribers can start live steaming. To enable this feature, channel owners need to get to “Account Features” and look for “Enable” button. In addition to this Youtube partners with good standing can choose custom thumbnail/image for the uploaded video, which actually enhance the video presentation.

Channel owners can also now able to use annotations to link externally to associated websites, which was earlier allowed only to link to videos under Youtube. In addition to help channel owners to get more viewership of their videos, they can group videos that belong together and Youtube will show the viewers videos as next episode from the series and a link to the whole playlist. To enable this feature just mark the playlist as a series in the playlist settings.

Have you got the feature enabled and started using it? let us know your experience using it.

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