Listen together, yet listen separately. Spotify has expanded its Premium Duo subscription, which offers two Premium accounts for couples, to 55 new countries including India. With this, couples can get two separate Spotify Premium accounts. In addition, they would also get access to Duo Mix, an exclusive playlist curated based on both users music taste.

Spotify Premium Duo subscription which offers two Spotify Premium account would cost Rs 149 per month. In comparison, if you are taking two Spotify Premium accounts separately then you need to shed Rs 199 each per month. And, if you choose a family account then it would cost Rs 179 per month. So, that’s spending less and stream more with Spotify Premium Duo for couples.

Spotify Premium Duo for coupled with exclusive Duo Mix playlist

Talking about Spotify Premium Duo, it’s specially made for couples who love to listen to music together. According to Spotify study, more than 73 per cent of couples listen to music together to recall they’re happy memories. In addition, 63 per cent of couples listen to music together to create some memorable moments. Yet, under this subscription, you would get two separate Spotify Premium account. You can both listen independently, uninterrupted and get all of your personalised playlists and music recommendations tailored to your tastes.

But what comes as addition is exclusive access to Dual Mix playlist. The playlist would combine music you both like and it will be updated regularly. It comes preloaded with genres, artists, and songs you both played your own and get updated the more you play.

Existing Spotify Premium users and new users can subscribe to Spotify Premium Duo. One can join Spotify Premium Duo and invite the other person by email, WhatsApp or whatever works for you. The other person then accepts the invitation (and confirm their address) to get added. So, you both need to live at the same address to join Spotify Premium Duo.

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