Spam More than an Annoyance Infographics

Many of us go throughout life worrying about the health of our environment.  We fight for respectable causes such as fracking, protection of wildlife, land conservation, cleaner oceans, greater energy efficiency, but there are other dangers that seem to go unnoticed.  And it’s hard to believe it comes from such a common technology that is used daily; emails. Too often we receive spam emails about helping a Nigerian princess get out of a dilemma, or someone pushing their SEO services, and just associate this with a small annoyance that comes with life. One that can simply be solved by dumping it into your trash bin.  But in reality, these spam emails pay a toll on our environment.  They are responsible for Green House Gases being admitted into the environment.

An interesting fact that, India named number 3 in distributing spams with 7% hold in spam distribution, but the top position as always hold by USA with 21%. Learn more from the following infographic.

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Spam - A Bigger Threat Than You Realize [Infographics]

Shane is an environmental activist who feels it’s his duty to inform the public of the lesser known dangers to our world.  His hope is to educate as many as possible in order to make a difference.

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