Fans of the Sony Ericson series will notice that the Xperia S marks the end of an era in the mobile phone world. The Xperia S is notable because it will be the first phone to be released since Sony acquired Ericson’s share of the existing company Sony Ericson. Here, we will explore the developments that we can expect from this phone.

Sony Xperia S

Standout Features

Camera – with cameras like the one on this phone, it is not hard to see why more people favour a phone with a great camera over a phone and a digital camera. The astonishing 12 megapixel camera ensures that fantastic pictures can be produced. Furthermore, videos can be recorded in 1080p HiDefinition. Sony Ericson was always well-known for producing phones that offered great quality cameras, but this one seemingly will blow them all out of the water.

Screen Definition – it seems that with this model there has been more focus on the quality of the definition on the screen. Using the BRAVIA engine the phone can display over 16.7 million different colours, which shows tremendous attention to detail.

Playstation – as a Sony phone, this phone allows you to play Playstation suite games. It is believed that this development will be a part of all future Sony phones and that there will be more focus on the quality of the Playstation suite games. With the quality screen definition, it is expected that the graphics will be among the best ever for a phone.

Potential Issues

With a 1GB Ram and 32GB internal storage (non expandable) there may be some issues with the amount that can be stored on the phone, especially since all pictures will be high-resolution and all videos will be large files when filmed in 1080p.

Implications for the Future of Sony Ericson Phones

It almost goes without saying that Sony will want to make sure this phone keeps enough similarities so that people can tell it is a development from the old series, but at the same time make enough changes to start separating itself from the Sony Ericson brand. While this phone may not decide the future of the brand single-handedly, how it does in the market and the customer reception it receives will shape up the future developments of Sony phones, which is why this phone may be one of the most important devices that is released all year.

The phone will be released just before Android releases the hotly anticipated update 2.4. Initially (on release) the phone will run 2.3 and make the transition to 2.4 when it is released.

As Xperia S UK phone deals will become available in March, it will be interesting to see the general reaction of what will be the first phone to be exclusively designed by Sony. Will the Xperia S be the future of Android phones, only time will tell, but with the specifications listed above it will clearly be a phone that will have its competitors worried.

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