“By game creators, for game creators. a powerful and accessible system,”, Yes Sony has officially unveiled the next generation gaming console the PlayStation 4.

Talking about the hardware power, PlayStation 4 runs on a x86 architecture 64 AMD Jaguar, 8 cores CPU developed by AMD, and 1.84 TFLOPS  Radeon based GPU. PS4 carries a 8GB of GDDR5 system memory to speed things up and have an unspecified amount of local HDD storage (probably 500GB+ minimum space). Summing up the PS4 hardware specification –

  • x86-64 AMD Jaguar, 8 cores CPU and 1.84 TFLOPS Radeon based GPU
  • 8GB GDDR5 System Memory
  • Blueray drive
  • WiFi 802.11n capability and Ethernet connectivity
  • USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 2.1
  • HDMI, AV output, Analog-AV out
Sony unveils Next generation Gaming Console 'Playstation 4'

With the new PS4 Sony also unveiled the restructured DualShock 4 Wireless controller. Utilizing a similar design as the popular Wireless Controller for PS3,  DualShock 4 incorporates a new highly sensitive six-axis sensor, as well as a touch pad located on the front of the controller, offering a completely new ways to play and interact with games. It bring social capabilities to the PS4 with a SHARE button on it. Through this share button gamers can broadcast their game play in real-time, share their triumphs and accomplishments on Facebook and other social networking sites.

DualShock 4 Wireless controller

It also features  a light bar on the top with three color LEDs that illuminate in various colors. The light bar illuminates to match the color of characters in a game to offer a simpler, more friendly way to identify players. The light bar also changes patterns during gameplay to provide useful information to gamers, such as when a character is critically low on health or has taken major damage. In addition to all this the controller comes with a built-in speaker and stereo headset jack.

PlayStation 4 will be using the Gaikai’s PlayStation Cloud service for backwards compatibility of games. The service will stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games and can be played on PS4. But note that PS4 isn’t natively built to play legacy game discs.

Now the games that’s getting developed for Playstation 4, hundreds of developers have already started working with Sony in developing games for PS4. At the event Some of the developers showed off games that are already in the works for the PlayStation 4.

Sony plans to launch the new PlayStation 4 gaming console this November-December 2013, but no specific date or price was announced yet.

Are you ready for it? let us know your views on the next generation Playstation 4. Wrapping up with a video on “Playstation 4 the future”.

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