So, for the Panic going around with the New Paypal restriction in India, due to RBI regulations, i have some good ways to get around this. Paypal screwed the Indians as they didn’t obey the rules of India Govt and RBI and now at last when RBI gone strict on them , they just restrict the Indian users and washed there hands. So just now we Indians Got a problem in hand.

There are many ways or say alternatives for Paypal nowadays, as Paypal was strong, popular and Big we just ignore most of the alternatives and just stick with them. Now the time to get to them.

Paypal Alternatives :

Yet Paypal will restricted your account , you can still use Paypal to collect money from your clients ( like for hosting business,small web development works etc..) and for Money over than $500, ask them to send in parts as you can have only $500 per; you can have as many transactions you like. Only problem is you cant use Paypal to buy things online

1) CreditCards & International Debit Cards

The Best way to get around this restriction is to have a Credit Card. You can now easily get a credit card from a Bank.( mostly every bank will be very happy to provide you a credit card as it a great revenue generating one ). You can use this to buy around or pay for your services. As you will get the money from your paypal directly to your bank, then you can use the CreditCard to buy services/things online.

Another way is to use International Debit Cards with Visa or Master logo in it. I think if you are afraid of using your CrediCard, then may be you can try the International Debit Crads from the bank. Most of the banks provide this while you open a account with them. This cards are just normal debitcards, so you will not be charged as in a CreditCard Usage.

2) Internet/Net Banking
I think now a days most of the banks provide the internet banking facility free of cost to there customers when they open a account ( or can get internet banking facility by just filling out some forms with resp banks ) . By this facility you can directly accept the Payments through direct bank transfer or Wire transfer, and also pay others through it. Its Fast easy and secure.


2Checkout or 2CO has been on the internet for more than 10 years now and has been providing a fast and flexible payment option for every online e-commerce website.This international online payment service has proved to be a secure reseller for thousands of tangible and digital products and services. It is fast and one of the best alternatives to PayPal for Indian Consumers. It has a onetime setup fee of $49.

Visit them – 2Checkout

4) Google Checkout

Google checkout is a payment Solution from Google.Its a secure and highly trust-able ( as you trust Google 🙂 ) . It has very low Fees when compared to others. You can accept payments and send payments through your CreditCard or Debit Card using Google checkout account. Its a free service from Google.
Currently its not available to Indians , but we are accepting to come to India really soon.

Visit them – Google Checkout

5) Alertpay

AlertPay is one of the fastest growing online transaction service, it allows transactions from more than 190 countries, has provision to shop and sell securely, and permits flexible depositing and withdrawal options. Its just like paypal, where you can accept payment to your services through it and store your money and can use it to buy services/things online through it.
You can verify your alertpay account just by verifying your Credit Card or Debit Card or through Bank verification.( Its really very easy)
There fees is low for transactions and you can withdraw to your bank account fast and easily.

Visit them – Alertpay

6) Moneybookers

MoneyBookers is just like paypal, which allows to accept payments through any MoneyBookers account or by Credit Cards and Debit Cards, Store the amount in your account and use it for buying online . It is fast, easy to use and very secure. Following the online wallet model, they hold all payments in limbo prior to transferring through to the final recipient, giving you some amount of protection. Escrow services are available for auction services.So your money is somewhat protected from frauds unlike in Paypal which provides you NO seller protection.

Visit them – Moneybookers

This are some of the best and popular alternatives for paypal. So can try any of this as most of them are free to signup and use. If you find more better alternatives tell me/comment here, so that i can update the list and also it will help lots of Indians looking for a way to get around the new paypal restrictions.

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