Kids are usually one of the most common targets of cell phone monitoring software, so it is not so alarming and surprising when we hear someone actually used the software to track their kids down. We understand the invaded privacy, but we can’t just let our inexperienced growing tykes to travel out the world without knowing if they’re headed for trouble or not.

However, even as we intercept their text messages, and as we watch that blip walk safely home, there is a possibility that our kids themselves are using cell phone monitoring software “against” us. What in the world are they going to use it for you ask? Well, take a look at some of the scenarios that we had prepared:

(Remember, we obviously don’t mean toddlers and grade school brats, as we are referring to young teens in this article.)

“Dad Detected Within 3 Miles, Abort Operation!”

It’s a grand gaming party for all of your friends, and the location for the celebration is at your house’s living room. Unfortunately though, dad seems to be completely oblivious to this, and for a good reason, because he would probably never allow it. What could be the perfect device that could help us enjoy our gaming to fullest without risking being found out? A phone that has mobile phone spy software of course. The tracking device could safely sniff out dad’s phone location, helping us determine if we are about to abort the operation or not.

“Warning, Your Out-of-Home Time Limit is almost up”

What if you spotted a really nice place to hang out as you are on your way home? Well, if both of your parents are usually not home till late afternoon, you could secretly install cell phone monitoring software on their phones, and spend your time fully enjoying the new place. The software would act as a warning beacon that could tell if any of them would already be home at a specific time. With the beacons shining brightly on your GPS locator, you could enjoy all the games in that new arcade center, and still always be at home just in time before your parents arrive.

Sneaky Ways to Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software on Parents

“Plan Check Complete, Mom’s Got Something for You.”

Birthdays for active young teens are always special and full of memorable moments. But, just to be sure, and just to put that uneasy feeling to rest, we could use a cell phone monitoring software to see if mom and dad have any plans for your birthday. Check out their text messages, tap into their phone calls, and see if there are signs of any plan for your special day. Don’t forget, they don’t know what you know, so keep your reactions as genuine as possible, even if they do have something GREAT in store for you.

“Target’s ETA to the Surprise Party: 15 Minutes”

Reversely, if your birthdays can be made more awesome by the superb data collecting prowess of cell phone monitoring software, we could also surely make someone else’s birthday’s a lot better. In our parents’ case, since we already know what general course of action they would take throughout the day, we could arrange a surprise party in a more precise and detailed way. There’s no need to use other people as bait to make them wander around as the party arrangements are done.

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