Delivering products quickly to over 28,000 pin codes across India, Snapdeal has become India’s fastest online shopping destination beating out Flipkart and Amazon India.

According to a study done by PwC and RedSeer Consulting, Snapdeal got the shortest delivery time across India. Snapdeal took only an average 3.9 days to deliver a product to its customers, whereas Amazon India clocked an average delivery time of 4.1 days and Flipkart got an average delivery time 5.1 days.

Going into micro details of the report, Snapdeal takes around five days to deliver a product to its customers in metros and Tier one cities, whereas Amazon India and Flipkart, both takes around 6.5 days for the delivery.

Snapdeal got the Fastest Delivery of products across India (Report)

In Tier two cities, Snapdeal can deliver a product in about six days while Amazon India would take 6.88 days and Flipkart around 8.17 days. Coming to the Tier three cities, Snapdeal got an average delivery time of 6.11 days, whereas Amazon can take 7.80 days and Flipkart clocking the highest of 8.97 days to deliver a product.

We have seen a significant increase of 1.9 times in shipment volumes. This is on account of increase in assortment on Snapdeal from 12 million to 35 million over the year,” said Jayant Sood, Snapdeal Chief Customer Experience Officer to PTI. “This is a validation of our efforts to build robust logistical capabilities using both technology and partnership,” he added.

This impressive delivery time from Snapdeal was possible because of strengthening its supply chain and logistics by pumping around Rs 1,990 crores over the last 18 months. The company has added 2 million square feet of warehousing space across 25 cities and built 63 fulfillment centers expanding the reach to over 28,000 pin codes across India.

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