Finally, the smartest messaging app has launched. A combination of Google’s artificial intelligence technology and everything Google learned from its numerous messaging apps like Hangout, Google Waves etc.

Google has finally unveiled its newest and smartest messaging app – Allo. Announced back in Google I/O 2016, the app is powered by Google assistant, smart prediction, smart replies and for fun its pack’s lots of stickers.

First, there is no waiting period or invite needed to get Allo. Just head over to Google Play store or Apple iTunes to download the messaging app.

So coming into details of what’s been backed right into Allo. For core messaging the app is way similar to what Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, and others have. You can start a single one-to-one conversation or group chats with your friends. Can send images (also draw over it), share videos, share locations and send lots of stickers (actually you got around 30 sticker packs in Allo).

The smarter messaging app - Google Allo is here!

The fun begins with ‘Smart Replies‘, that automatically and intelligently offers a suggestion for replies and emoji responses for your conversation. It all based on your personality plus studying on your previous conversation with the person.

Next BIG thing is the full-fledged integration with Google’s artificial intelligence ‘Google Assistant‘. I would say its basically a super smart bot with Google Now touch. You can start a direct chat with Google Assistant or you could bring it into an ongoing conversation with your friend by typing @google and asking it a question.

The Google Assistant can do basic tasks like telling you the weather, set timers, alarms and reminders and ask general questions. It can offer a suggestion for nearby restaurants or movies to check out, get your photos from Google Photos, translation the text, play a trivia game and more right in your conversation.

The real help comes when using the Google Assistant in chats with other people. For example, you can easily plan for dinner by just pulling up the details of local restaurants and get then get direction to theirs.

If you are looking for some secure secret chats, then Allo got an Incognito mode. That offers end-to-end encryption, discreet notifications, and message auto-deletion after a set time.

Allo features

  • Smart Reply – automatically and intelligently offers a suggestion for replies and emoji responses for your conversation.
  • One-to-one chats and group chats.
  • HUGE emojis and lots of stickers.
  • Share images, videos, location, etc.
  • Google Assistant – integrated with Google’s artificial intelligence offering conversation mode of Google Now.
  • Incognito mode – end-to-end encryption, private notifications, and expiring chats.

So ready to say Allo! watch out the video to get a complete overview of the smartest messaging app.

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