Wondering why need a PNR status app when you already get a message about your PNR status from the merchant website? There are countless reasons why and now is the time to start discovering its various uses! ixigo’s smart and intuitive PNR status app is the can make all hassle and effort involved in travel disappear. The app once downloaded, The app not only saves your precious time by collecting all the relevant travel data onto a single platform, but also fixes a problem you never thought you were facing.

Smart and intuitive PNR Status App from ixigo [Review]

The ixigo PNR status app manages your trips by categorizing them in 2 different sections – Upcoming Trips and Previous Trips. The Upcoming Trips section gets automatically updated through the PNR status app at regular intervals and the Previous Trips section contains an archive of all your earlier travel plans. Both of these sections are available to you in a single tap. The app automatically keeps checking the status for upcoming trips at regular intervals, and in case you have an RAC or waitlist status on your ticket, the app will keep tracking its latest status in the backend and will send you a notification whenever the status changes. Now that’s we call it a smart PNR status app!

Also, the ixigo PNR status app helps you in managing your flight details on your smartphone. You will receive notifications in case your flight is delayed or cancelled. Also, you will automatically get notified when your flight web check in opens, allowing you to do a web check in and select a seat of your choice through this app. We wonder, how many PNR status apps offer so many features? Another excellent feature of the app is that you never have to wait too long for updates as it is well optimized for slow internet connections.

Another thoughtful feature we love about the ixigo PNR status app is that the app provides one touch access to your train booking SMS so that you don’t have to scan through your entire SMS inbox anymore to show the TT your ticket! Apart from reviewing and managing all your trip details on one screen, the app also provides you Train Delay alerts just like the ones for flight. Moreover, the app is free of cost and takes less than 2 MB of space on your smartphone.

Wondering if an app with such an exhaustive list of features is too complicated to use? The answer is no, the app provides an easy­ to ­use interface and flowy design that makes it accessible to everyone. So, the ixigo status app is the kind of app you don’t have to think twice before downloading and is a must have for all travellers. You can get this fabulous app absolutely free at the Google Play Store now!

Dimpy Roy, a travel enthusiast currently working with an Online Travel Guide helps you to find and compare hotels, flights, restaurants, through apps. She guides travelers to track trains running status, flights, PNR status within a second via ixigo apps.

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