Security Weaver, a leading provider of enterprise security products and solutions for companies using enterprise applications such as SAP, has just made available for a 90-day free trial, Security Weaver RPTM. This incredibly easy-to-use, automated tool is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to reduce the number of password reset calls to IT or Help Desks.

We’ve heard from many of our customers that there is a huge need for an automated tool but, currently there isn’t a strong solution available for SAP,” says Neil McConnell, COO for Security Weaver. “Some IT departments are addressing this need through developing homegrown solutions; however, this can be time-consuming and costly. The great thing about RP is that it follows Security Weaver’s leading application architecture which has proven time and time again to produce superior, reliable, cost-saving solutions for enterprise applications like SAP. RP provides a viable solution for the market and will strongly benefit an organization’s bottom line.

Manually resetting passwords takes its financial toll. Requirements that passwords are to be changed frequently, increasing number of passwords to remember and harder to remember passwords all lead to an increase in the need for resets. In fact, Security Weaver interviewed one enterprise (around 5,000 employees) that estimates that 25 percent of help desk personnel time is used for password resets. Not only does this waste the time of the IT department or help desk person, it reduces their service quality and efficiency. “Off-hours” resets are even more challenging and costly.

From a small IT shop perspective supporting a manufacturing operation, we have the added challenge of doing password resets after normal business hours,” says Harold Upton, VP, Strategic Business Processes, Sunsweet Growers. “Our forklift drivers and seasonal employees have a higher than average need to have their passwords reset. These often occur when our IT department has gone for the day or on weekends. This requires us to have someone available after hours and the response time is slower than normal. Additionally, these tend to be more urgent since they often impact produce product or load trucks.

According to an August 25, 2010 Gartner press release on the research topic of IT self-service, “the two most frequent call types are how-to requests (how to access or operate IT resources) and password reset (establishing or regaining the privilege to access IT resources). Because password problems make up 20 percent to 30 percent of all IT service desk volume, with most of those issues resolvable by password reset tools, automating this function can save organizations the costs of supporting this type of request.”

Calculate Your Savings – Cost of Labor Due to Manual Password Resets

After receiving feedback from multiple IT customers and careful analysis, estimates show that RP can save organizations anywhere from $40-$100 per user per year. Conservatively, that would be $20,000 per year for an SAP user base of 500.

Security Weaver RP Benefits

  • RP is simple to install and configure
  • Easy to calculate ROI- pays for itself in 1st year, often within a few months
  • RP is especially helpful for “off-hours” resets when no one is on duty
  • RP allows organizations to leverage core SAP competency to deploy and manage it
  • RP requires very little infrastructure to deploy and maintain
  • No hardware investment required
  • RP is very easy to use which leads to quick company-wide adoption

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