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Another fun project from Google engineers, “Schemer” – Discover New Things To Do. Google has officially launched an activity recommendations website that allows users to ‘discover new things to do’.

In Schemer, users create, share and do “schemes.” According to Google a scheme is any activity that can be done in the world, whether it’s ordering a favorite food at a hotel or playing cricket with Cricket legend Sachin or Want to visit Las vegas.

To my understanding Schemer basically helps users to discover and share activities to do in the real world. Users are provided or recommended with Activities, or schemes based on their physical location and interests. For instance if I was visiting a particular place or city, Schemer will recommend activities to my interest that i can do in that city.

Schemer. - The beginning of everything worth doing
Schemer. – The beginning of everything worth doing

Schemer is tightly integrated with Google+, which allows users to share their activities with friends and also get activity recommendation from their friends. Scheme can gather comments from friends and also from other users (if the activity is shared publicly).

Google Schemer announcement says “Whether it’s exploring a new city, checking out a friend’s movie recommendations, or just finding new activities for your weekends, Schemer lets you discover new things to do, share schemes with friends, and make the most of your day.”

It seems Google is creating something similar to Foursquare, which is a location-based service. Google is trying to use the location data to enhance its offering like Google+, profiles and Maps. We can always accept something really cooler to be offered from Google each day.  To take the Schemer to mobile, Google has already introduced Android application which is now available at Android market, but currently its only available to USA and Canada.

Schemer is currently in an invite-only beta period. To get an invitation visit the website and add your email id to the waitinglist. or if you are so keen to get inside we have a small number of invitation left.

For the invite from us, all you need to do is retweet this post on Twitter with our twitter handler @sharepress and just comments to this post.

Once done, we will happy to mail you the invitation as soon as possible. Note that we have a small number of invites to giveaway, so grab it as soon as possible.

Before tweeting, just watch the cool video on Schemer

Links –  Schemer and Schemer on Google+

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