Samsung is every where, with sky-high marketing efforts the brand get stuck in everyone’s mind. If you are looking to buy an Android smartphone the first choice is Samsung, that’s why it’s the most researched Handset Brand in India according to a report published by Precision Match.

Samsung most researched Handset Brand in India, Micromax takes over Nokia [Infographic]

Samsung was researched amongst 5.3 million unique users in India. Following Samsung the home-grown Micromax is the second most researched handset brand in India beating out the biggies Nokia, Sony Mobile and Apple. Nokia seems to be losing out the most, from the first position to now in third behind Micromax. Sony Mobile is catching up with fourth position followed by HTC, Apple and Blackberry.

Samsung’s previous flagship device Galaxy S3 becomes the most researched handset model, trailing behind with just 0.32% Micromax Canvas 2 follows. Interestingly Samsung got 7 models in the top 10 researched handset models in India. Apple iPhone 5 is consistent in its popularity featuring in top 5 models. In the January 2013 alone Micromax Canvas 2 beats out all competition becoming the most researched handset model.

When considering price category, handset models with pricing Rs 20,000 and above is the most researched ones and Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 the least researched. Here is the complete Infographic from Precision Match.

Mobile handset and Market Insights Infographic

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