Android is the world’s dominant mobile operating system, but still Google has some serious things to worry about. It’s not about the Android fragmentation, but the Samsung complete domination over Android ecosystem. According to the report from Localytics, Samsung controls over 63.3% share of all Android devices, including smartphones, phablets, tablets – and even “fonblets”.

Samsung has All of Android, Google's Troubled Android

Samsung’s 63.3% share controls the aggregate of all other manufacturers by a ratio of nearly 2:1. All other Android device manufacturers, has even not crossed the single digit market share. HTC has only 6.5% of the Android market share, followed by LG with 5.9%, Sony with 5.6%, Google owned Mototrola with 5% and all other local vendors like Micromax, Lava etc sum up to 13.5%. All together, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and all others make up less than 37% of total Android market share, one thing Google need to looking for.

Samsung dominance is not just its marketing efforts, but popularity of its smartphone models like Galaxy S IV, Galaxy S III and Note II. Among the popular smartphones models eight out of the 10 are manufactured by Samsung, only HTC One and Motorola Driod Razr got a place in the top ten spot. When looking into tablet market Samsung represents five of the top 10 active Android tablets, but these five Samsung tablets account for 53% of all Android tablets.

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