Sabeer Bhatia, the founder of, on Tuesday launched JaxtrSMS, a mobile application that lets users send unlimited free text messages to any other phone anywhere in the world.

Free Mobile Texting. Local And International.
Send messages to all in your address book whether they have the app or not.

JaxtrSMS is a mobile app that allows you to send unlimited free text messages (SMS) to anyone across the world. JaxtrSMS works on both WiFi and 3G and the app is available for almost all platforms – if your phone is capable of running apps, chances are that you should be able to run JaxtrSMS on your phone. So, go ahead and install the app on your device (client for Windows Mobile is coming shortly).

“15 years ago, we gave you, the world’s first webmail service that freed up e-mail from the confines of the desktop and aided the creation of a global communications network which was completely open and free for users. Today, we present JaxtrSMS which does to SMS what Hotmail did for e-mail. Now, mobile users can leverage our free and open application to send messages to their contacts anywhere across the world without having to pay anything,” said Bhatia.

“JaxtrSMS was completely developed in India. I am proud to showcase this as an example of Indian innovation and ingenuity,” said Yogesh Patel, president & co-founder.

JaxtrSMS is different from the other texting services (e.g., TextFree, TextPlus or TextNow, or Heywire) as it is the only app that works across the world. “JaxtrSMS wants to replace your SMS”, mentioned Yogesh Patel, CTO Sabse Technologies.

JaxtrSMS Preview

How does it work?
You need to register your mobile number to start using the app. You will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile.
Use JaxtrSMS to send and receive messages with any other mobile phone in the world forFREE.

1. Recipient does not have to be a user
2. Send a text message to any other mobile phone, domestic or international.
3. Use your own phone number

Why use JaxtrSMS?

  • FREE to download
  • Save Money – Send text messages for FREE.
  • Save Time – works on WiFi & 3G and all devices
  • Instant Delivery – app to app delivery of messages is instant

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