Saavn, India’s top digital music sharing site is celebrating its milestone of 9.3 million active users with a nice Infographic. The active users have risen up to 25% since December and it is now registering 125k new users each month. The active user status going to increase as it recently integrated Facebook open graph which provides more exposure. Going through the statics shows that its users are listening to more than 2million hours of music a month.

Saavn (which stands for South Asian Audio Video Network) is the fastest-growing music service for South Asian music, worldwide. They have around millions of tracks, licensed from hundreds of labels – so whatever you want to hear, you’ll always find it for free (and 100% legally) with Saavn. They have a great collection of licensed music from over 200 content provider.

Saavn Indian Music Sharing Site Rises to 9.3M Active Users
  • 9.3 Million active users with 25% increase
  • 380,000 unique radio stations
  • 2 million hours of Music streaming per month
  • 2 million mobile users
  • 2 million Facebook open graph connected users
  • On an average 125,000 registrations per month.

In its first four weeks as a Facebook Open Graph partner, daily new users of the Saavn Facebook application increased up to 40 times, with music shares increasing four-fold and monthly active users jumping from 35,000 to 785,000.  Another interesting fact is that 42% of the Saavn user base is outside of India. Saavn has license to stream music globally, so users representing 219 countries can use to listen and share the contents.

What do you think about this exponential growth of Saavn. Is pirate music industry is going down? Do comment your views on it.

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