Currently, the eCommerce industry is the most prominent and the most rewarding industry in India. People have very well adapted the concept of buying products online in India. Everyone is interested in checking out things online and buying them. Therefore, the eCommerce business owners focus on having the most perfect website and a wide range of products to choose from. You will notice that the online stores in India are increasing and multiple products can be bought online; gradually, this focus is going to shift towards the niche categories as well.

The eCommmece business in India is witnessing an exponential growth currently and it is expected to increase by leaps and bounds. This phase is also considered to be the perfect time for setting up an online store. Wider variety, cost savings and convenience of the customers are the major factors that determine the growth of the eCommerce industry.

The Rising Of eCommerce Industry In India - An Insight!

The rise of the e-commerce industry in India is depicted through the following trends –

  • The Rise Of mCommerce

In India, the number of smart phone users and tablet users has significantly increased. Improvisations are done for the mobile internet as well. In India, this fact is evident that the mobile internet traffic outweighs the desktop traffic. This is a prominent trend that is expected to increase and India might also become one of the mobile favorable markets. The Indian eCommerce firms are all set to invest in establishing the world-best mobile platforms in order to acquire a better market share.

  • A Resourceful eCommerce Website

When it comes to eCommerce, the website forms the first impression on the people. It has to be attractive, equipped with informative content and high quality images and it must be facilitated with easy navigation. The uptime and speed of the website are also equally important factors; therefore the website owners are investing in the best eCommerce hosting platforms. A resourceful website has become the key to eCommerce success. The usability of the eCommerce website helps in getting the business.

  • Social Media Becoming Prominent

The eCommerce industry in India, adopted the use of social media platforms from the early stages itself. The social media websites present with great opportunity of grabbing the attention of the visitors. The thought behind creating an impressive presence in the social media platforms is that you should also be where your targeted audience is. The online reputation management of every brand must is characterized with seamless presence across the social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

  • Product Videos

Along with the product images, the videos also work towards enhancing the usability of the website. Usually, the products are photographed from various angels and the photos are edited in order to get the glamorous look. Photos tell some part of the storey, but in 2013 and in the coming years it is believed that videos will also be featured along with the photos. Some eCommerce websites in India have already adopted this trend. Videos create a great impact and if they are used in place of text, the convenience level is enhanced.

  • Emergence Of B2B Online Stores

So far the Indian eCommerce storey has been dominated by the B2C eCommerce companies. However, there is one prominent trend that is yet to create its mark in the Indian ecommerce industry. The B2B eCommerce industry has revolutionalized the way in which business is conducted on an international level. This trend is slowly gaining momentum in India as well.

The eCommerce industry has made its mark in India and in the future people are going to witness further improvisations in terms of online shopping convenience. The age profile of Indian internet users is overwhelming; approximately 75% of the online users belong to the age group of 15-34. The young citizens of India are already performing tasks like booking movie tickets, purchasing cloths online, booking hotel accommodations online etc. Slowly the people belonging to all the generations have considered the online medium as the acceptable one for purchasing online and for performing various tasks. If the eCommerce industry continues to progress at this speed, it will be considered as one of the revolutionary industries shaping the future of India.

Article written byKavita Menon

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