Well, you heard it right. Now you could rent out Airtel 4G Hotspot at a monthly rental price of Rs 399. With that, you would get the 4G hotspot device and enjoy 50GB of 4G or 3G data per month, all without actually purchasing the 4G hotspot device.

Before this, an upfront investment from the user side was needed. The Airtel 4G Hotspot device is usually available for purchase with a price tag of Rs 999. In addition to buying the device, you would also need to shell out extra for a monthly 4G data plan. But that’s no longer would be the case, as Airtel want to reduce the cost of owning its device and thus attracting more users to its network.

Rent Airtel 4G Hotspot for Rs 399 per month

With Airtel 4G Hotspot rental plans, you would get the 4G hotspot device along with a data plan without any fixed commitment. The Airtel 4G Hotspot rental plans start at Rs 399 per month, which would offer 50GB of 4G/3G data and of course the 4G hotspot device for free. Need more data every month? you could also opt for higher rental plans. This includes the Rs 599 monthly rental plan which would offer 80GB data and Rs 799 rental plan which offers 120 GB of data every month.

Airtel 4G Hotspot rental Plans
Rental (per bill cycle)4G/3G data benefitsOthers
Rs 39950 GBAfter 50GB 100% free throttled @80kbps
Rs 59980 GBAfter 50GB 100% free throttled @80kbps
Rs 799120 GBAfter 50GB 100% free throttled @80kbps

One of the biggest advantages of Airtel 4G Hotspot rental plans is that you are getting unlimited data usage even after you have exhausted the monthly data limit. However, the internet download speed would be reduced to 80 Kbps for the rest of the month. Another advantage is that, in case you end up with any unused data at the end of the month, it will be carry forwarded for next month.

On the bad side, you won’t be getting any voice calling facility with Airtel 4G Hotspot, like with Jio4GVoice on Jio. Also, Airtel is much stricter with its rules, in case you remove the SIM from the device (to use with your phone or other 4G devices), the rental benefits will cease.

Airtel’s 4G hotspot device is manufactured by Huawei and can simultaneously connect up to 10 devices. It comes with a 1,500mAh battery which is good for up to 6 hours usage. It also comes with automatic network switching from 4G to 3G or 2G. Thus in case, there is no 4G network available in your area, you could still get connected to 3G or 2G and stay connected online.

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