Bringing the whole power of Google’s AI-based search assistant to one of India’s cheapest 4G VoLTE phone. The search engine giant has launched a special version of its Voice Assistant for the ‘Zero’ priced Reliance JioPhone.

The special version of Google Assistant will offer an intuitive voice-based user interface, along with a rich set of data services from Google. You can take help of the Assistant to search the internet, get real-time Cricket or ISL scores, make phone calls, play music, navigate on Maps, access apps and more. The company has adapted the Assistant to match the smaller 2.4-inch display on the JioPhone. Currently, the Google Assistant support English and Hindi languages.

Reliance JioPhone gets a special version of Google Assistant

Reliance JioPhone already comes with its own voice assistant that can understand many Indian languages. However, with the addition of Google Assistant, you are getting a more knowledgeable virtual partner to depend on.

Google’s partnership with Reliance Jio makes its intention clear, to reach the next billion users. As the telco has already shipped around 100 million JioPhone’s, the search engine giant would gain a significant traction among the first time mobile users. It also helps the company to push its products and services to the masses.

Google Assistant on Reliance JioPhone
  • Reliance JioPhone gets a special version of Google Assistant.
  • It has the same functionality and features as its counterpart available for Android and iOS devices.
  • You can use Google Assistant to search the internet, control apps on the phone (including Jio Suite of apps), get real-time scores, navigate and more.
  • Supports English and Hindi languages.

Google Assistant will probably be preinstalled on the newly shipping Reliance JioPhone. For existing JioPhone users, the telco may soon release an update to this new feature. The details of the rollout aren’t available as of now.

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