Well, the day has come, if you want to continue getting all the benefits of ‘Jio Happy New Year Offer‘ for another year, then subscribe to Jio Prime. The Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio announced the special Membership Program which is custom made for the 100 million Jio customers and new Jio customers who join on or before the 31st March 2017.

Jio subscribers enrolling to the Jio Prime membership program can extend their Jio Happy New New Offer for another full year or until 31 March 2018. You will get all benefits of Jio Happy New Offer including unlimited voice calling, SMS, and data (with 1GB daily FUP limit). You will also get premium access to a full bouquet of Jio’s applications for next 12 months. Jio is also planning to offer many other attractive deals and offers for prime members.

Reliance Jio starts subscription for Jio Prime Membership

Ready to subscribe, but what’s the price? Jio subscribers availing the Jio Prime Membership need to pay a one-time enrolment fee of Rs 99. The enrollment will start from 1st March 2017 and remain open until 31st March 2017. Make sure you subscribe to Jio Prime Membership during that period, or you will miss out all the benefits you are currently enjoying. Well, there is also an additional monthly charge to the Jio Prime Membership. You will also need to pay Rs 303 per month or effectively Rs 10 per day to avail the benefits.

How to subscribe to Jio Prime Membership

  • To enrol to Jio Prime Membership you need to be an existing Jio subscriber or need to become one before 31st March 2017.
  • Jio Prime Membership enrollment opens 1st March 2017 and end on 31st March 2017.
  • Users can enrol to Jio Prime Membership through MyJio app available for both Android and iOS devices, the Jio website or by visiting any Jio partner store.
  • Subscription via Jio official website
    • On Jio website login to your account. Under ‘My account’ go to ‘Buy Membership and click on the ‘Get Jio Prime’ button. Or under recharge choose the Jio Prime plan.
    • You now pay the one-time subscription fee of Rs 99. You can pay via Jio Money, Credit card, Debit Card or Netbanking.
    • Once you have paid the enrollment fee your account will be converted to Jio Prime.
  • Subscription via MyJio App
    • On MyJio App you can click on the banner saying subscribe to Jio Prime Membership.
    • Or you can click the menu, choose Jio Prime and click on the ‘Get Jio Prime’ button. You can also gift Jio Prime membership to your friends and family.
    • Pay for the subscription via any payment method of your choice.
  • Subscription via Jio partner store
    • Visit any of the Jio partner stores across the country.
    • Tell your Jio mobile number and give Rs 99 one-time enrollment fee.
    • The store representative will upgrade your account to Jio Prime Membership.
  • Do note that every month you also need to recharge your Jio number with Rs 303 to avail the benefits.
  • You can start availing the benefits of Jio Prime Membership starting 1st April 2017.

Benefits of Jio Prime Membership

What’re the benefits of Jio Prime Membership? You will continue enjoying the benefits from Jio Happy New Year offer till 31st March 2018. These benefits include unlimited free voice calling minutes to any network and to anywhere in India, even on roaming. Unlimited SMS to any network. Unlimited 4G data benefits with a daily fair usage policy (FUP) speed limit of 1GB. Here the speed will be reduced after you hit the 1GB data usage, but you still get unlimited data benefits for rest of the day.

In addition to the voice and data benefits, you will also have premium access to a full bouquet of Jio applications. This includes JioTV, JioCinema, JioMusic, JioMags, JioXpressNews, JioCloud, JioSecurity, and JioNewsPaper. Reliance Jio is also planning to offer other exclusive deals to Prime subscribers from its partners.

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