Till now Reliance Jio was offering only the Rs 309 and Rs 509 plans for its prepaid and postpaid subscribers under the Prime membership. Starting today you can subscribe to Prime plans which have a validity up to 420 days. This plans also offer unlimited 4G data benefits along with considerably high fair usage policy (FUP) data limit.

Those who want to take benefits of this long validity prime plans will need to first become a Prime member. That’s 12 months exclusive membership that comes with its own perks. Jio is also planning to offer many other attractive deals and offers for prime members.

Jio Prepaid Plans (Prime & Regular)

First, we start with Reliance Jio Prime prepaid plans, which almost 95 percent of you are enrolled to. For Jio Prime members the operator is offering extra 4G data and validity on their first recharge. In addition, you will also get unlimited voice minutes, SMS and premium access to Jio apps with all plans.

Reliance Jio revises Prime plans, Now offers Plans with Unlimited Data and up to 420 days Validity

The top Jio plan is priced at Rs 9999, which on your first recharge will have a validity of 420 days. You will also get unlimited 4G data benefits with a FUP limit of 810 GB. After the free data quota is over, the download speed will be reduced to 128kbps for rest of your validity period.

Another long validity Jio plan is the Rs 4999 plan, which has a validity of 240 days. It also comes with unlimited 4G data benefits with a FUP limit of 410 GB. Next, the Rs 1999 plan comes with a validity of 150 days and offers 185 GB of 4G data benefits.

Finally the Rs 999 Jio plan which has a validity of 120 days and offers 120 GB of 4G data benefits. Note that, all the above benefits is applicable only on your first recharge. Also, these benefits are not available for customers who have already register for Jio Summer Surprise.

Jio Prime PlansFirst RechargeSubsequent Recharge
 Data benefitsValidityData benefitsValidity
Rs 19200MB1 day100 MB1 day
Rs 49600 MB3 days300 MB3 days
Rs 96Unlimited – 7GB FUP (1GB per day)7 daysUnlimited – 600MB FUP7 days
Rs 1492GB28 days1GB28 days
Rs 309Unlimited – 84GB FUP (1GB per day)84 daysUnlimited – 28GB FUP (1GB per day)28 days
Rs 509Unlimited – 168GB FUP (2GB per day)84 daysUnlimited – 56GB FUP (2GB per day)28 days
Rs 999Unlimited – 120GB FUP120 daysUnlimited – 60GB FUP60 days
Rs 1999Unlimited – 185GB FUP150 daysUnlimited – 125GB FUP390 days
Rs 4999Unlimited – 410GB FUP240 daysUnlimited – 350GB FUP180 days
Rs 9999Unlimited – 810GB FUP420 daysUnlimited – 750GB FUP360 days

Jio Postpaid Plans (Prime & Regular)

For Jio Postpaid subscribers enrolled to the Jio Prime membership, the operator has three simple tariff plans for them. The Rs 309, Rs 509 and Rs 999 plans with monthly billing cycle. For the first billing cycle, the operator is offering extra validity and data benefits like the prepaid plans.

For example, the Rs 999 Jio postpaid plan on first billing has a validity of 3 months. It also comes with unlimited 4G data benefits with 180GB FUP limit. After your monthly data quota is over, the download speed will be restricted to 128kbps for rest of your validity period.

Jio Prime PlansFirst Billing CycleSubsequent Billing Cycle
 Data benefitsValidityData benefitsValidity
Rs 309Unlimited – 90GB FUP (1GB per day)3 monthsUnlimited – 30GB FUP (1GB per day)1 month
Rs509Unlimited – 180GB FUP (2GB per day)3 monthsUnlimited – 60GB FUP (2GB per day)1 month
Rs 999Unlimited – 180GB FUP3 monthsUnlimited – 60GB FUP1 month

Note that the above first recharge benefits are valid until the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer period. You can recharge or subscribe to all the above plans via Jio website [Jio.com], MyJio app or by visiting any Jio partner store.

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